Btcmaxx Earning Plan



Btcmaxx is an online donation platform available worldwide. Through our peer-to-peer direct upgrade donation system, our members can earn 100% commissions on their referrals upgrade donations. The donations are paid (voluntarily) by our members to members in their upline and at no time does our system hold any funds or fees for the services we provide. All donations are exclusively peer to peer and in Bitcoin and each donation is backed by its unique hash ID from the official database of Blockchain (the official Bitcoin operator).

The donation plan works on a 2x4 forced matrix structure with 90 days level renewal subscription. Each member has a downline and upline. When members make donation the donation is being paid directly into their upline's Bitcoin E-wallet (100% commission).

The first 2 people you refer to the program are your frontline (first-tier downline). Their donations are being paid directly to your Bitcoin e-wallet in the form of 100% commission every 90 days. Then you are free to upgrade to next donation level at any time, you do not have to wait until you collect all donations from your downline. When a person upgrades to a higher donation level, their donation is paid to the upline member who is at that level. If an upline member has not upgraded to that level, the donation will be directed to another upline member who is at that level already. This can cause a misbalance in your upline's matrix and they might miss some payments. This is why it is important to keep track on your upgrades and your downline's progress and make sure you are ahead of them if necessary.

Example of passing donations:

Let say you are at level 2 of your upline and you should donate him level 2 donation but you did not upgrade to that level yet or did not renew your subscription but your level 2 will make the level 2 donation to you, for the reason you are not eligible to receive the donation, then the donation from your level 2 will be passed up to your upline level 2 because he is still waiting for level 2 donation and so it goes with every level pass up.

2x4  0.008 Bitcoin matrix donation structure:

You donate 0.008 BTC to your upline 1 every 90 days and you are now ready to receive your level 1 donations.


Attention: for a limited time the subscription duration is 90 days







Level 1: 2 people donate to you 0.008 BTC each and you receive 0.016 Bitcoin. Then you donate 0.015 Bitcoin for level 2 upgrade every 90 days to your level 2 upline so your profit for level 1 is 0.001 BTC every 90 days.


Level 2: 4 people donate to you 0.015 BTC each and you receive 0.06 BTC. Then you donate 0.045 Bitcoin for level 3 upgrade every 90 days to your level 3 upline so your profit for level 2 is 0.015 BTC every 90 days


Level 3: 8 people donate to you 0.045 BTC each and you receive 0.36 Bitcoin. Then you donate 0.18 Bitcoin for level 4 upgrade every 90 days to your level 4 upline so your profit for level 3 is 0.18 BTC every 90 days.


Level 4: 16 people donate to you 0.18 BTC each and you receive 2.88 Bitcoin. so your profit for level 4 is 2.88 BTC every 90 days.



Total profit: 3.076 BTC


If you want to multiply your earnings then feel free to open more accounts. You can have as many accounts as you like and all you need is a new email and new Blockchain wallet which you can add within Blockchain wallet itself.



 fully automated platform

  Total Levels →→ 4 Levels

 Total BTC Payment →→ 0.248 BTC

 Total BTC Profit →→ 3.076 BTC

 Each Level Subscription Durations →→ Each Level 90 Days


Attention for a limited time the subscription duration is 90 days






Luck is one of the most amazing things in this world but some people do not have it much. Today I wish you the best of luck for your life. May you have a wonderful and awesome life ahead with Btcmaxx.

Btcmaxx Team









How Btcmaxx Work 




: Go to register page and fill up the form. Make sure the username is not too long and the password match. If you are joining with a referral link then make sure the name of your sponsor is correct. (if you have a trouble with creating account try to change the username, it could be used already).

: Login to your account. (You have 72hr time to upgrade to Level 1 or your account will be deleted. If your account is deleted you can create a new one at anytime.)

: Add your ( Bitcoin / Ethereum / Litecoin ) Wallet Address by clicking on Payment Wallets button (Blue Color ) in your Dashboard, which you see on the picture below.




: Go to your Blockchain Wallet and get your Bitcoin and ethereum Wallet Address by clicking on Request button at the top of the page.




New window will open and now you copy the Wallet Address



: Go back to Btcmaxx website and paste the Wallet Address into Wallet Address fields and . Then enter your secret answer that you created when you were creating your account and click on Submit button.



: Now you are ready to upgrade to your Level 1 by going to your dashboard and clicking on Upgrade Account button which you see on the picture below.


 Read up the upgrade instruction 

Read up the upgrade information

and press I'm ready to Proceed!

7: Choose your payment Currency (There is an advanced automatic currency conversion system in Btcmaxx)



8: In the Blockchain or other wallets (coinbase / xapo / coinpayments or Etc ) click on the Send button and paste the Wallet address that you copied with the right Bitcoin amount and confirm the payment.



9: Go to the step 2 and select the Payment Gateway you sent money by that ,then click on the 

I have completed the payment



10 : Waiting For payment confirmation validation (Our automated system fetches it from the data provided during upgrade process) . Payments are approved automatically as soon as the required 3 confirmations are posted. This usually takes from 30 to 60 minutes. Your upgrade will be effective as soon as the transaction is approved.




11: Check your Transaction Details








The only way to succeed in a matrix is for each person to get their OWN two referrals.Don't join to "enjoy spillover" and expect others to work for you to earn and do your work for      you.
It's like going and getting a job somewhere and have someone else do the work while you      collect their paycheck.
It's the same principle with matrix. If each person would only get two referrals and keep        replicating the process, your matrix will fill very fast and everyone will reap the rewards.




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